Kanzlei Kerschies sets a new standard with online help and offers help to asylum seekers throughout Germany.

In the daily news broadcasts, there are always reports about refugees who leave their homeland for various reasons and endure severe hardships. They no longer find security in their own country, are often among the politically persecuted, who are exposed to hostilities due to their origin, political or religious orientation, or belong to a social minority. They have no lobby in their country.

Once they have arrived in a safe country like Germany, they depend on help, because the language barrier in connection with administrative procedures and countless forms present them with unexpected challenges. As a lawyer for asylum law, you are faced with an army of people seeking help and wondering how to cope with this flood.

Kanzlei Kerschies has set a new standard here by making a digital system changeover in order to be able to respond to as many inquiries as possible in the area of ​​asylum law. With the help of an intelligent computer program, a bot, more telephone calls can be received and evaluated in advance in three languages. This is done in German, English and Farsi. This selection alone enables a large number of refugees to describe their problems and establish initial contact. This, in turn, shows the clients that full commitment is really being made to provide effective support.

Inquiries in three languages ​​can be received from all over Germany and after the intelligent pre-evaluation with a bot, clarifying conversations can be carried out easily via zoom call. A digitized solution in several areas means that Kanzlei Kerschies can accommodate asylum seekers as much as possible.

The concerns of our clients are important to us and despite the large number of clients from different countries, we deal with the challenge in a positive and digital way.

We will use the opportunities available to us to provide you with assistance.

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