Asylum law in Bremen

Bremen, as a Hanseatic city, is part of the metropolitan region in the north-west of the country and people from abroad who are seeking asylum are also stranded here. They are no longer safe in their own country because they belong to a persecuted minority, have to leave their homes and set off for countries that promise more security. Asylum law Bremen covers these cases and asylum seekers must apply for asylum as soon as possible when they arrive in Germany. However, due to the complicated procedure, the help of a specialist is often required.

Even when it comes to the asylum law in Bremen, Mr. Kerschies is a good choice. Our law firm responds to the needs of asylum seekers and advises skillfully and competently not only in German, but also in Farsi. That is why many asylum seekers from Iran are among our clients, because a foreign language is not a barrier here. Due to the switch to digital systems, we are also available for customers from abroad, which is already readily accepted.

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