Asylum law Munich

Munich in southern Germany is considered a tolerant city with a high proportion of foreigners. Almost 200 different nations meet here. This is one reason why asylum seekers in this city try to obtain a right to stay. They come from countries where they are persecuted because of their political or religious beliefs or because they belong to a social group that is not recognized by their state. If they were to return to their homeland, they would be in constant danger of at least losing their freedom. However, the recognition procedure for an asylum application often represents a major challenge for the refugees.

The focus on asylum law in Munich is close to the heart of attorney Mr. Kerschies. The law firm offers competent advice and is committed to its clients with a lot of experience in asylum law in Munich. A digital system conversion also means that many clients also use their services from abroad. This includes an increasing number of asylum seekers from Iran. Questions that arise are even answered in Farsi. The focus on asylum law in Munich brings with it challenges that Attorney Kerschies and his law firm are up to.

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