Asylum law in Kiel

More foreigners live in Kiel, Germany’s northernmost state capital, than in the more rural surroundings. Many political refugees are looking for safety here, because they are being persecuted in their own homeland because they do not correspond to the given direction of their state in political, religious or social areas. In the event of attacks by appropriately recognized population groups in their homeland, they experience no state protection and therefore leave their homeland to find somewhere safer. This attempt is coupled with administrative procedures and applications that Kiel’s asylum law requires. Understandably, many refugees need professional help if they are to successfully complete this process.

Attorney Kerschies is known as an expert in matters of asylum law in Kiel and supports his clients professionally and with a lot of experience. The law firm’s services are also used by clients from different parts of the world, because our systems have been converted to digital. We can also answer questions in Farsi, which has meant that more and more asylum seekers from Iran are among our clients.

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