Kanzlei Kerschies would like to simplify support for the politically persecuted and those seeking help in Germany

People who are politically persecuted are people who get into difficulties in their home country because of their political views, their religious orientation or because they belong to a social minority, and they do not receive any protection from their home government.

In more and more countries, people feel pressured in this way and can no longer lead a safe life in their own homeland, they are exposed to arbitrariness and hatred.

No wonder more and more asylum seekers in Germany are trying to get a right to stay. However, due to the large number of cases, it is often not possible for a lawyer for asylum law to react quickly and effectively to all inquiries using conventional methods.

In order to solve this problem, the Kerschies law firm has used digitization to open up new ways in the area of ​​asylum law, with which contact can also be made in different languages. How is this possible?

Kanzlei Kerschies uses a computer program for this that is able to take over tasks automatically without immediately depending on human help. One speaks here of a bot. Bot comes from the word robot and interacts independently with the client in different languages. This enables the law firm to take on more clients and react accordingly at short notice.

Clients from all over the world can express their problems in three different languages. German, English and Farsi cover a large demand for foreign languages. By using a bot, the Kerschies law firm is able to help more asylum seekers and to evaluate and respond to their inquiries within a short time.

In this case, digitization is a way of helping those seeking help from different parts of the world. This support is gladly used

Kerschies Lawbot


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