Kanzlei Kerschies wants to help political refugees and relies on digitization

As a lawyer for asylum law, you represent politically persecuted people who suffer from discrimination, arbitrariness and hatred in their home country, but who receive no help from their state. In a safe country like Germany they can find a new home. However, the asylum process is complicated, faced with foreign languages, different cultures and desperate people who are steadily increasing in number due to many negative changes on the world stage.

Without technical assistance, it is hardly possible to master this enormous demand for legal support. In the interest of those in need, innovations are sought that allow a lawyer to provide asylum law support effectively, quickly and competently.

The Kerschies law firm has also dealt with the subject and provided information about the options available to organize and successfully process a large number of inquiries. Openness to new systems pays off, because the law firm has come across an innovation that can provide first aid, so to speak, even in a complicated legal system.

The solution for the law firm Kerschies in this context is the use of artificial intelligence in the early stages of the asylum process. The law firm was able to increase its capacity simply by digitizing the system. More clients can be added. In addition, a bot is now used, whereby the inquiries are recorded digitally and automatically receive an initial assignment. This is done in three languages, namely German, English and Farsi.

Many people lose their fear of contact and express themselves freely about their problems. Three languages ​​cover a large part of those seeking help and make it easier for them to take the first step towards the asylum procedure. Throughout Germany, the politically persecuted accept the help and then take the next step by arranging a zoom call appointment. With the help of digital support, appointment requests are quickly organized and clear the way for competent services that really help those affected.

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